Emerald Board

Emerald Board is made from magnesium oxide and a unique formulation composited into a new type of fireproof decorative building material.









Emerald Board applications include:   

  • Interior wall and exterior cladding

  • Ceiling board and sub-floor

  • Decorative material

  • Partition wall board

  • Tile backing (backer board)

  • Fire door core & fireplace

  • Duct, pipe and furniture




Emerald Board is non-flammable and non-combustible; it has a zero flame spread and smoke developed rating; it has been tested to a maximum temperature service 2000oC, it is fireproof A1 CSIRO rated. Emerald Board is totally fire resistance, therefore it will not burn.

Water resistant

Emerald Board is impervious to water; when submerged for extended periods of time it experiences no dimensional changes, it can be used as an external wall panel in hot and humid environments or cold conditions in all temperature extremes. It is Ideal for marine applications.

High strength

Emerald Board has excellent strength characteristics, using non-alkali fiberglass weave as structural strength, it has good performance in bending if required / impact / compressive and tensile strengths. Emerald Board Ten (10x) times stronger than plaster and 1/3 lighter.


Emerald Board is eco-friendly as is the manufacturing process, non-toxic, free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, radiation, etc. It is one of the greenest building products and fully recyclable.

Good adhesive performance

Emerald Board has a unique smooth and semi rough surface, many surface materials can be adhered to. E.g.  PVC, Veneer, HPL, Marble, Tile, Granite and Stucco. Emerald board can also be painted the same as conventional wall boards.

Mildew and insect resistant

Emerald Board is mould and mildew resistant, it is impervious to insects including termites and sugar ants; it complies with Australian and NZ building material standards

Easy installation

Emerald Board is easy and fast to install, light-weight, easy to carry, cut, saw, drill, nail or screw, paint and stick. It can save considerable construction time by up to 65% depending on the structure.


Emerald Board is durable and stable; it has good weather ability characteristics. When it is subjected to temperature changes, there is a minute amount of expansion and contraction, life expectancy of up to 100 Years.

Thermal insulation & Energy saving

Emerald Board has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities, thermal conductivity is up to 0.216w/cm.k, and it maintains a comfortable indoor environment with pure and fresh air in hot or extreme cold conditions.

Economic benefits

Emerald Board has high performance to price ratio, it will save substantially on labour and material costs and the duration of projects due to the ease of application.



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