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An innovative, Australian designed and manufactured building product that will revolutionise the building industry, both commercial and residential.

Emerald Board is ACI’s generic Magnesium Oxide based wall board product which replaces the traditional Gypsum based (i.e. Gyprock) plasterboard panels and villaboard commonly used in 99% of buildings today in Australia. Emerald Board is not new, this product having been extensively used throughout Asia for decades; however it does have many superior qualities than the plasterboard and villaboard products currently used in Australia.

Those suppliers of MgO based board products in Australia have to be imported into Australia primarily from China. The Chinese manufactured product does not have the quality control or finish that the Australian manufactured Plasterboard has, and this has been a major impediment in the expansion and use of the product in Australia.

By implementing our own unique quality control and manufacturing processes with the company’s suppliers, we ensure that the finish of the product is far superior to the Plasterboard product currently offered. Add to this the following benefits which Plasterboard and villaboard, is unable to match, makes Emerald Board an excellent choice of building wall board products.