Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are causing a stir in the home building industry, but what exactly are they and what’s all the fuss about? Take a closer look at the insulated panels at Arnold Construction Industries to learn more.

What are SIPs?

SIPs are super strong, energy efficient panels that can be used for external and internal walls, floors and roofs, without the need for a traditional timber or steel frame. They’re affordable and quick to install, and yet durable enough to last for years. They’re been used successfully in residential and commercial building around the world for over 40 years, and are perfectly suited to Australian climatic conditions.

How are SIP Panels Constructed?

External panels are a composite (core) of fire resistant Polystyrene foam sandwiched between two outer skins of 10 Mil of Emerald board.

Totally Fire and Water proof

The result is a 100 % fire proof Interior and Exterior Wall panel meeting Australian and International standards. CSIRO AS class A rating

Excellent sound reduction and insulation properties

SIP Panels are used for Office and residential room walls and partitioning, refrigerated rooms, Hospitals, Schools, Theatres and many other uses.

What lengths do SIP Panels come in?

Typically from 2.4 to 3.6 Metres. Special requirements can be met with appropriate lead time.

What width are SIP Panels?

All panels are made to a standard width of 1200 mm

What type of finishes will SIP Panels (made from emerald Board) accommodate?

Painting, Powder coating, Laminating, Rendering and all types of coatings are acceptable for Emerald Board.

How strong are the SIP Panels?

In many instances buildings are made from our SIP panels and require no other support. Multi Story dwellings require Steel support to meet engineering certifications.

In addition to reducing site labour and construction time, the panel technology is ideal for creating airtight, highly energy-efficient buildings.

How Well-Suited are SIPs to the world’s Climate?

Their super strength and thermal insulation qualities make them ideal for Australian and International conditions. Be it hot or cold, they can significantly reduce our reliance on artificial cooling and heating. Particularly in the hot summer months – a real plus when you consider that it takes three times as much energy to cool than to heat it.

As their structural integrity is not affected by extremes of moisture or temperature, they are an ideal building material for use in all climates.

Superior Insulation Performance can achieve thermal ratings well in excess of R5

SIP panels offer homeowners and all construction other benefits including:

  •  Termite Resistance
  •  Cyclone Resistance
  •  Total Fire Resistance
  •  Corrosion and Rust Free, well suited to coastal regions
  •  Water Resistance
  •  Temperature control
  •  Great sound resistance

Applications: – External Structural Walls & Internal Walls
Overall Panel Thickness: 50 to 120mm (75 m/m being the most popular)
(6mm MgO / 63mm EPS / 6mm MgO) other thickness can be accommodated
Core Thickness: 63mm
Weight: 12.5kg/sq metre
R Value: 3.3

Do SIP Panels require and timer or steel framework?

Ultimately the design strength will be determined by the structural engineer who has certified your design. Taking in location / wind / Geotechnical Conditions; in many cases no actual steel or timber framework is required due to the self bracing qualities of the panels.

SIP Panels Meet Australian Standards with class A CSIRO rating